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According to Richard Davis, internet is a tool of communication. It is used at school, office and at home. Students  use internet to get information for their research papers and do other assignments.   According to the research conducted by Intelli Quest Information Group Inc, the results indicated that 80% of people use internet on daily basis and  many says that it is so enjoyable that it is almost addictive.

How is internet addictive and how can we overcome it?

There are people who don’t believe that there is something like internet addiction. Some says that they don’t see any harm using internet all the time because they gain knowledge and useful information that helps them a lot. When we talk about internet addiction, there are some factors that are related to it. First, the multimedia content found online strikes stimulation similar to that created by television. Second, internet is available 24/7; you can use it anywhere any time and finally, you can do anything you want in the internet. Many people are suffering from internet addiction disorder because they most of the time get themselves glued into their computers.

There are some people who abandon their very important activities just to visit chat rooms or cyber cafes. If you know that you are the kind of person who can’t stay off from the internet, its good you plan all your activities according to their priorities. Some students don’t even do their homework and they are always in a mess. Also, give yourself time to be online each day so that you don’t spend so much time chatting or doing other funny things on the internet.

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